2150 Imperial Gallon Transport Tank

Quality Molded Plastics Ltd. announces its large capacity self-supporting transport tank. The tank has unique integral baffles and mounting systems for transport applications.


The 2600USG/2150Imp Gal HDPE oval tank has integral baffles, which greatly reduce liquid surging when used in transport applications. The complementary unique mounting system has been engineered to hold the tank close to its center of gravity, restricting movement in any direction. These two factors enhance the safety aspect of transporting large volumes of liquid either in highway or off highway applications. The patent pending design is manufactured in two classes: (a) Standard Weight rated for water use. (b) Heavy Weight rated for heavier liquids (like liquid fertilizer). All tanks come complete with a heavy duty 22” hinged manway for easy access. Bulkhead fittings are extra and will be installed to customer specification.


60153-1: 2150 Imperial Gal Standard Transport Leg Tank, Blue 

60165-1: 2150 Imperial Gal Heavy Transport Leg Tank, Black  

60166-1: Mounting System Powder Coated Black

Prices F.O.B. Saskatoon, SK., Canada. All applicable taxes extra.

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